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Posted on November 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM

18th - 22nd November

We've spent this last week in high gear, trying to get the Simrod ready for the presentation evening on the 22nd. A few small set backs, including the discovery that our usual computer supplier, Novatech, no longer has a Cardiff Branch. Consiquently when we went to get a replacement motherboard for the computer we couldn't.

However this didn't put us off and we managed to complete the Sim to a level we could show it off. We've still got a lot of screwing and gluing to do but the clever construction we're using meant we could cheat a little for display purposes. We finished the dashboard screen holders, including the tricky diagonal sections.

For the presentation evening we temporarily put the screens in, held in with screws and set up the rest of the controls as a visual display. We also laid out the additional equipment such as the Overhead Panel and NEP outside for everyone to see. As a bonus we put some live camera feeds in, running back to the main hall.

Everyone was very impressed, even though it wasn't working. This was the first time the cadets got a look at it and they (and the parents) can't wait for it to be up and running.

We are now pretty much finished on the Stage 1 inside. Over the next week We've got to dismantle the sim in order to attach the remaining dashboard supports (can't get into the 100mm gap on the right side), cut holes in the roof for the lights and OHP and cable ways and of course glue everything but after that we can start on the cosmetics and electrics. We'll be sourcing a new place to buy a decent computer motherboard suited to our needs and hope to have the Sim working before the end of the sqn year.


Another thing we unveiled at presentation evening is the plans to have family flying nights.

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