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Flying and Gliding


"We do everything many of the other youth groups out there do PLUS we go Flying & Gliding."

Let's face it, this is what everyone thinks being an Air Cadet is all about, after all we are attached to the RAF and have air in our name. What most people don't realise is that you don't have to fly to be an Air Cadet.

Our main source of flying is with Air Experience Flights, where you get into a Grob Tutor light aircraft and take a short flight from St Athan's over the Bristol Channel. You even get to take over the controls as part of your learning experience. You even get a chance to experience some acrobatics as the Tutor is designed to allow this. All this will be under the tuition of an experienced flying instructor.

You can even train towards a full pilot's license and gain a BTEC in Aviation.


Q. What is a winged aircraft without any means of power to keep it up?

A. A glider.


One of the changes introduced when the ADCC became the ATC was the concept that every cadet should fly, but as there were so few powered aircraft available they instead introduced the cadets to gliding. 


The first gliding school in Wales was based near the Inland Revenue offices in Llanishen, Cardiff.  The cadets had to level the field, modify a cowshed to create a hangar and then assemble their own Slingsby Cadet glider. There are now 27 volunteer gliding squadrons in the UK.


There are two types of glider that Air Cadets use, the Viking tow glider, which is either towed into the air by a powered aircraft or winch launched from the ground.

The second type is the Vigilant. This glider does have an engine to get it up in the air, but once it's there that's shut off and it *relies on its long wingspan to ride the currents.


Either way, gliding is a wonderful and peaceful way to experience the thrill of flying


Like flying we have several days throughout the year for gliding, mostly using the Vigilant though occasionally the Viking. We use 625VGS & 636VGS.

Other Military Aircraft Flights

Occasionally Cadets get to experience other forms of flying with rides in several military aircraft including Chinooks & Hercules. Usually events like this take place on annual greens camps or on special visits to airbases around the country. A few lucky cadets have flown in a Typhoon, Tri-star, VC10 or Red Arrows Hawk as part of special ATC commendations.

Photos of 1344 Flying

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Gliding Video

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Cadet Information

Consent forms are available from the
Cadet Zone.

You will need this to participate in any off squadron activity.

Flying & Gliding are subject to available time slots and places offered to our Squadron throughout the year from the various organisations who run these activities. These are of course also subject to weather conditions and maintenance schedules/issues.

We try to be as fair as possible in allowing every one of our cadets an opportunity to participate at some point.

You do not need any previous experience but do need to be enrolled.

Flying Scholarship

The ATC officers a BTEC in Aviation as well as training towards a pilot's licence. Cadets wishing to attain these need to be of a certain age and have a certain level of experience before the CO will consider putting them forward.

Flying & Gliding & DofE

While Flying or Gliding may be considered great activities to do for the skill section, due to the limited & erratic nature of them we do not offer or recommend it as a choice. Any cadet fortunate enough to be working towards their pilot licence (through ATC or private flying lessons) may however consider it as an activity for Gold Level.

Information about Flying & Gliding activities are obtainable from the office. For BTEC information speak to Fg Off. Scott.