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Young people age 12 and in year 8 and still under the the age of 18 can join us as a cadet.

ADULTS age 20+ can join us as an Adult Volunteer. See below for more details

We accept new applicants most parade nights. Use the form on the right to request a suitable time to visit us.

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Joining as a Cadet

If you're a boy or girl between the ages of 12 (+ in Year 8 secondary school) to 17 years you can come along most Parade Nights (Mondays & Fridays) to start the joining process. Use the form on the right to let us know when you'd like to visit and we'll let you know the next suitable night. You will need to bring a parent/guardian with you.

Click here to see some important information about your first night.

Adult Volunteers

If you're age 20+ and are looking to do some voluntary work in the youth sector, while gaining useful skills and experiences in return then joining the ATC is a good option.

There are a number of Uniformed and Non-Uniformed roles for adults within the Air Cadet Organisation. As an adult you join the ATC as a Civilian Instructor and can eventually apply to become a uniformed NCO or commissioned officer if you so wish [2]

All our staff are volunteers. Each Squadron is led by commissioned officers from the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). Within the Air Training Corps they are supported by Adult Warrant Officers, Flight Sergeants & Sergeants, with Civilian Instructors & the Civilian Committee completing the team (as well as parents & family members of our cadets helping out where they are needed).

You don't have to have any previous experience of the ATC, military services or voluntary work and you don't need any specific knowledge or skills to join, just enthusiasm and the drive to help the young people we work with get the best out of life and achieve more.

Everyone in the ATC shares the same commitment to give up some of their free time to help young people. The proud look and big smile on a cadet's face when he/she has flown in a glider for the first time, or completed an expedition, or passed an examination, and knowing that you have been instrumental in helping them achieve something worthwhile is a huge reward. The knowledge that you have helped them develop into responsible adults who have achieved so much under your guidance is very satisfying.

As Adult Staff, you too can join in many of the activities, from flying to target shooting, parading, adventurous expeditions and much much more. You can even work towards some useful qualifications to help you instruct many of these.
You can find out more about being an Adult Volunteer on the main ATC website*

If you would like to join our Squadron use the form on the right and we'll contact you back to let you know how to start the process.
Some of the Things an Adult Volunteer can do:
  • Instruct activities
  • Teach ATC lectures
  • Drive cadets to activities
  • Lead parades (uniform staff)
  • Supervise cadets at events
  • Run recruiting stands
  • Obtain useful ATC training and nationally recognised qualifications
  • Obtain a rank and rise through the rank structure
  • Create projects and opportunities based on their own skills
  • Have fun.
 If you would like to find a Squadron nearer to where you live: Click here for ones in South East Wales or ring our Wing Headquarters on 029 2072 6144 (during office hours) or visit the main ATC website* for squadrons across the UK.
[2] Please note joining the ATC as an adult volunteer is not a route into the regular RAF. The ATC is a Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) Organisation not subject to the same career programme as the RAF for its adult members.

Joining Requests

Please include your Date of Birth if under you are under 22.
Adults please tell us a bit about why you'd like to join the ATC, and any skills & experiences you have or would like to acquire.
If you are looking to join the Civilian Committee please contact our OC directly.
Thank you for your request to join our squadron. We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know the next suitable night for you to visit.
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Related FAQs

Can I join as a cadet before I'm 13?
Yes! As of recently, the joining age has been lowered from 12 years 11 months to 12 years. You may not be able to fly straight away, for insurance reasons, but you can do almost everything else!

Why can't anyone age 18-19 join?
Two reasons.
Our cadet age limit goes up to their 20th birthday so we can't have Adult Volunteers younger than our cadets.

Also, cadets who are 18-20, while adults in the real sense are still classed as cadets, though they have to follow the same adult restrictions as our Adult Volunteers and require a CRB check. Cadets wishing to stay beyond the age of 17 have to apply to the ACO for permission and this will be granted subject to certain conditions having been met.

Anyone who is 17 should look to join just after their 17th birthday in order to have a better chance of meeting these conditions.

As a Cadet turns 20 they can apply to become an Adult Volunteer and continue with us (or another squadron if the so wish)

Can someone in a wheelchair / with a disability join?
Absolutely. The modern ATC looks to include as many people as possible and new buildings such as ours go some way towards helping to do that.

Provided you are comfortable in a highly active and greatly social environment, and your disability doesn't prevent you from taking part in a reasonable number of activities or cause you safety problems, you could still become a member of the ATC.

Obviously there will be some things a person in a wheelchair cannot do (such as march), but allowances and work-arounds for many activities are available to ensure we do not leave you out. The same goes for other disabilities.

If you feel this is not for you then you can always look out for us at a public event as we may have brought along some activities you can have a go at.

Contact us to find out more and discuss any issues you may have about joining with a disability.