Cydweithredu Ddyry Cychwyn
Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way

The Badge of 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn ATC

The background of the badge centre is three chevronels argent. The three chevronels are part of the Armorial bearings of the City of Cardiff. Being attributed to Iestyn ap Gwrgant, the last Prince of Glamorgan, who lived in Cardiff Castle about 1030-1080. Thus the Squadron’s location is represented by the inclusion of the chevronels.

The blue and green above and below respectively help to suggest the chevronels as the mountains of South Wales.

In the lower foreground are a crossed bugle and rifle. These represent the two core ATC activities the Squadron actively participates in and aims to excel at (and judging by our track record are highly successful in this pursuit).

Above these and over the chevronels flies the ATC Falcon. As a whole this suggests the ATC's association with the air and the Squadrons involvement in adventure training as well as shooting and music.

The motto beneath the badge

"Cydweithredu Ddyry Cychwyn"

[non-literal] Englishtranslation 

"Teamwork Leads the Way"

It is unknown when this badge came into service, or what 1344 (2nd Cardiff) used.

Google Translate translates the motto as - ‘Cooperation shall give Commencement’ though this is a literal translation.

For more information on Iestyn ap Gwrgant visit

The image at the top of the page is the HD version re-drawn for us by Mo Osmon in 2011.

The one above is the original with the black falcon variation used previously, as well as a version with a gold falcon.

The crown holes being filled in also varies with use.

A version with a blue falcon appears on some of our sqn's personalised clothing due to an error in manufacture.

The red version of this badge predates the green version. The red being the colour between the white chevronels on Iestyn ap Gwrgant’s arms. When it was changed to green is unknown.

A version where the blue portion is also red and only the bottom triangle is green has been seen, but only in the archive folder from which the above information was taken.