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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
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Teamwork Leads the Way

The Steve Abbott Years

This page is still under construction.

While these years are well documented and Steve will be helping to provide more information to us soon, we won't be completing this page until the cadets themselves have gathered the information and compiled the article as part of Project Archive.

The history of Sqn Ldr Abbott's time at the helm is embedded into the current Squadron as a lasting legacy to what he brought to 1344 and developed that has remained so because there's no need to change what works. It's also embedded throughout this website and more importantly in the mindset and manner of all but our most recent cadets, and the many others who served their time under him.

It was because of Steve that the Squadron raised its profile to what it has become to day, a flagship for the Wing and a major presence throughout the Corps and Cardiff. He also raised its numbers to over 100 cadets (earning him the Sqn Ldr rank). It is because of his dedication and drive that he earned the MBE.

Look through the photos and stories and you'll see him in action, and if you don't it's probably because he's the one behind the camera.

Despite Sqn Ldr Abbott being such a great CO, his retirement from the position didn't leave the squadron in too much chaos, as he handed over to someone who was most suited to stepping up and following in his footsteps and carry on the many fantastic Steve had set up, (though with the chance to make his own stamp on the sqn of course).