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Teamwork Leads the Way

Adventure Training

Adventure Training (AT) is one of the most diverse Air Cadet core activities on offer, covering a range of outdoor pursuits both in the UK and overseas. With such a wide choice of AT activities available we can run it all year round, so even when our camping & trekking season is over, we can still go climbing & abseiling. Check out the list below.

Adventure Training activities include:

  • Adventure Activity Centre visits
  • Adventure Training Weekends
  • Archery
  • Bivvying
  • Expeditions
    • Daywalks
    • Camping
    • DofE Expeditions (Training, Practice & Qualifier)
    • Hillwalking
    • Upland
    • Wild Country
    • Mountain Trekking
  • Caving
    • Potholing
  • Horse Riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Multi-Activity Days & Weekends
  • Ropes
    • Abseiling / Rappelling
    • Climbing (Indoor & Outdoor)
    • High Ropes
    • Jacob's Ladder
    • Leap of Faith
    • Zip Wire

  • Water Sports
    • Canoeing
    • Kayaking
    • Dragon Boats
    • Gorge Walking
    • Raft Building
    • Sailing
    • Sailboarding
    • Scuba Diving
    • Swimming (non competition)
    • Windsurfing
  • Winter Sports
    • Skiing (dry & snow)
    • Overseas Winter Adventures
  • Wing & Regional Adventure Training Exercises (WATEX & RATEX)

1344Sqn has tried most of these and everyone can definitely say they enjoyed them and every year we offer as many of them as we possibly can to our cadets.

AT is one of the best ways a cadet can try new things, improve skills and gain confidence in a way that is different to uniformed training.

We have qualified staff available on squadron and in The Wing/Corps to run many of these activities. We also use external companies who can provide the rest.

Whether you're an extreme sports enthusiast or simply fancy getting outdoors and doing something different, there's plenty of choice available. 

AT & DofE

Adventure Training plays a big part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Aside from all the hillwalks, navigation days and practical expedition training, (all of which will help a cadet to prepare, undertake and successfully complete the required expedition section) many of the other activities can also be used for either the Skill or Physical section (depending on how they're approached).

For more information on using an AT activity for DofE as well as getting the necessary training & preparation for the expedition speak to our DofE Staff.

Making AT Environmentally Friendly

In Wales and England where we undertake most our Expeditions several tree diseases such as Ash Dieback & Phytophthora Ramorum*  (a disease that kills Japanese Larch trees), and some animal diseases that affect farm livestock have been found.

Our AT staff, having first-hand seen the results of accidental spreading of tree diseases by people (which resulted in a whole area of forest having to be burnt down) our expedition staff are conscious of the impact our presence can have and so aim to educate our cadets and practice ways we can reduce it.

Things we do while on our expeditions include:
  • Cleaning our boots and equipment prior to and after each expedition
  • Not picking up sticks along the way to use as walking sticks, and the same for other bits of nature we come across.
  • Listening to local farmers and observing any local notices and following any requests they make
  • Following the countryside code


Cadet Information


AT Activities take place all year round but depend on available opportunities generated by the sqn or ATC. 1344 does not or cannot participate regularly in the all of the above named activities, but will seek to offer what it can when it can.

You may need to go through progressive training or demonstrate sufficient experience before you are permitted to participate in certain activities.

ANY & ALL watersports activities require you to pass an annual swimming proficiency test (run by the sqn) before you can take part in them.

AT Expeditions can also take place most of the year, the exception being heavy snow and extreme conditions (we don't shy away from ordinary rain though!). DofE practice and qualifier expeditions can only take place between March and October but we can train outside of them.

    AT Expeditions are covered by ACP32.1 Map Reading, ACP Initial Expedition Training (IET) & ACP32.2 Basic Nav, which are required completion (sans 32.2 exam) before attending your first expedition.

Some AT activities may incur a fee, depending on where we go. We will get discounts where we can. You can pay using your £CCS where available.

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