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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way

Charity and Community

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Assisting Community Events / Recruiting at Community Events / Supporting Charities / Working with Beaver & Scouts
One of the great things our Squadron has been able to do over the years is get out and connect with our local community. Our cadets have stepped up to offer their time to help out, whether this is for stewarding an event, visiting an old people's home, working with Beaver Groups and more.
You'll also regularly see us at public fêtes, military parades and other festivals and events in Cardiff and South East Wales, either recruiting or proudly showing what it means to be an Air Cadet.
We even have a squadron band that gives several public performances a year.
One thing's for certain, wherever we are, we leave behind a great impression of ourselves, thanks entirely to the dedication and presentation of our cadets and staff.

Community places & events we go to:

  • Nazareth House Fete - volunteer workforce and band performance
  • Cardiff Community Fun Days & Fetes at Pentwyn, Pontprennau, Llanishen & Grangetown, Lizvane, St Mellons & Fairwater - recruiting / band performance
  • Armed Forces Day Cardiff* - recruiting & parading

When we visit events like a Community Fun Day or Armed Forces Day we  bring along some flight simulators (see right) for people to take virtual flights over Cardiff. It's a great way to get people to come to our stand and add entertainment to the event.

Supporting Charities

We give young people an opportunity to grow and learn as Air Cadets, they in turn pay that forward by giving their time to help the various charities who we we've been able to offer our assistance. we've supported a number of charities over the years and in a number of different ways.
Charities we've supported and how*:

If you're a charity local to Cardiff and need help for an event we may be able to lend a hand. Please contact us

Beaver Scouts
& Brownies too...

There are two ways we work with the scout organisation, the first is via Scout Post*, the second is BEAVER AIR ACTIVITIES BADGE NIGHTS -  visits to our Squadron by various beaver and cubs groups from around Cardiff in order to help them gain their Air Activities Badge*.

This all started because our Adjutant CI Abbott is also a beaver group leader and asked to bring her group along.

During an evening with us they are taught the basics of flying and get a chance to practice using our flight simulators. We may even teach them a few Air Cadet skills such as marching and saluting.

At the end of the evening they'll go home with a greater understanding of how flying works and there may even be a small memento of the day.

If you're a beaver or cub group in Cardiff interested arranging one of these evenings, please contact us for more details.

Other related groups (such as Brownies) are also welcome to enquire, though we do limit the number of available nights we can accomodate for non-scheme groups.

A small donation perhead may be requested to cover the cost of running the evening.

Can we help you?
Or can you help us?

Got a local event or location you need help at?

Or would like our band to perform at?

Or where we can run an interactive recruiting stand for our Squadron?

contact us with details.

While we are a busy Squadron we accommodate where we can, or where possible forward your request one of the other local squadrons.

Our Interactive Recruiting Stand

05/01/17 - UNFORTUNATELY our MOBILE FLIGHT SIMS are currently unavailable in 2017 as we need to replace our equipment.
Other interactive elements may be used instead.

When we go recruiting we like to bring along some Virtual Flight Simulators so anyone who comes to our stand can learn the basics of flying - free and taught to them by some of our cadets.

We can set up indoors (provided we have access to a power socket) or outdoors using the No.1 Welsh Wing Recruiting Trailer or marquee (either mains fed or on a small petrol generator).
Whether they're small children; too young to join, potential new cadets and adult volunteers parents, grandparents, people from other uniform services or anyone else who attends the event and happens to visit our stand - we'll give them a chance to take to the virtual skies - something everyone so far has loved doing.

If you think our stand would suit your event, contact us.