1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way
Cydweithredu Ddyry Cychwyn

Contacting Us

For post send to:

1344 (Cardiff) Sqn ATC - Maindy Barracks - Whitchurch Rd

Cardiff - CF14 3YE

You can contact us on 029 2023 6559

during parade times (Mon & Thu 1830-2130) and during times of activities scheduled at squadron only. All other times please use the forms

starred (*) fields are required use

For enquiries relating to other squadrons in Cardiff or No.1 Welsh Wing please contact Wing HQ. 

For enquiries relating to the ATC but not our Squadron please contact HQAC

Looking to Join 1344sqn /
General Enquiries & Requests for Our Commanding Officer

- Joining 1344sqn as a Cadet, Civilian Instructor or Civilian Committee member.
- Enquiries such as: r
equesting help for a charity or community event, booking our band, inviting us to an event, location or place we can recruit, VIP & squadron visits.

Event organisers - Please include as much detail relating to your request, including: dates, times and how you'd like us to participate. We may require from you risk assessments, insurance details and other documentation, depending on the nature of the event.
Requests for these will be made in a reply.
Thank you for contacting 1344 Cardiff Squadron ATC. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 1344 is a busy squadron participating in over 200 activities a year, though we may still be able to accommodate your request.
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Website Issues & Historical stories

If you've spotted an error with this website's content and wish to alert us, please use the below form.

Also, if you're wishing to submit any information for our historical archive.

Your email address is not required for website errors but if you're submitting some history and would like us to contact you please include it. Photos can be sent via direct email.


Please note: Website is subject to updating and alteration.

We apologise if some links are missing or information is outdated.

We work to resolve any such issues that arise as we go along.

Thank you for contacting us.Your information will be looked at and used accordingly - 1344Sqn Webmaster
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Parents & Cadet Enquiries
for Our Adjudant

Enquiries from our cadets / their families, including about uniform, cadet finances, attendance issues, absence notifications, activities & events, etc.

For Absence Notifications please include the from-to parade dates and the reason. Absence for anything other than illness we must be notified at least a week before the first date. Cadets absent without notification are marked as AWOL on their record of service.

Pre-planned Absences (such as holidays) MUST also be recorded in the absence book at squadron by the cadet prior to the first date.

Thank you for contacting 1344Sqn's Adjutant, who will reply as soon as possible.
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