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Applying for DofE with 1344Sqn


Cadets of 1344Sqn are eligible to apply for DofE though us:


  • The month they are finishing INTAKE TRAINING (A Flight) and moving to First Class training.
  • Already in First Class or Higher.


Cadets must also have reached the applicable age -

  • Bronze - 13 years & 9 months (14 by expedition)
  • Silver - 14 years & 9 months (15 by expedition)
  • Gold - 15 years & 9 months (16 by expedition) - STAFF INCLUDED

The latest age anyone can apply to undertake DofE (Gold Level) is 23 1/2 to complete by age 25 - (This includes Adult Staff)

To apply download this form, fill it in and print it off. Cadets under 18 MUST have the form signed by a parent/guardian. Forms and any payment (see below) to be submitted to the adjutant. We can only accept applications for Cadets/Staff from our Squadron.


  • Bronze - £16
  • Silver - £16
  • Gold - £23
£Cadet Credit Scheme can be used to pay for your DfoE provided you have sufficient amounts to cover it. Cash is also acceptable or a cheque made payable to No.1 Welsh Wing Welfare Fund. These are to be submitted to the office.Cost of application will be refund upon completion of level.

Your form (with payment) will then be submitted to Wing during the next submission period (usually every two months). They will then process the form and set you up with an
EDofE account. From there our Sqn DofE staff will help you through the process, including training for your expedition.
Completing the Award

We'll take you through the award from start to finish, helping you to put together a personal plan and set your goals. We'll help you to find activities suitable for completing the sections and guide you where needed. All you have to do is ensure you turn up to the dates and activities and put what effort is needed to complete your goal. It's really quite easy.

For more information speak to our Sqn DofE Leaders

CI B Sherry & CI D Brown