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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way


Fancy learning survival skills that go beyond being able to locate the nearest burger joint or phone charger outlet? Then Fieldcraft might be for you.

Fieldcraft gives you a chance to learn the skills you need to survive and navigate yourself around outdoors, in unfamiliar places. It means sorting food, seeking/ building a shelter as protection from the weather and navigating from A to B as quickly and effectively as you can. All using basic tools (not a sat nav in sight).

This is where Air Cadets gets to experience training closer to that of RAF personnel. The principle is the same - think on your feet, adapt to your situation and work to your team's strengths + you get to wear camouflage green, a change from the usual uniform.


1344Sqn does quite a bit of fieldcraft training throughout the year, visiting local MOD bases where we can practice all aspects of field training. We then use some of that training in competitions such as Cambrian Patrol, WARMA and Nijmegen.

Cadet Information


Fieldcraft Training is run throughout the year, especially for events such as Cadet Cambrian Patrol & Wing Field Training Day.

Speak to Adult Sgt Ballinger for more details on Fieldcraft and it's many uses.

Fieldcraft & DofE

Fieldcraft can be used for DofE as either Skill or Physical, depending on which aspect you chose. For instance training towards something like Cadet Cambrian Patrol (as well as participating in the competion) can count as Physical, while learning general Fieldcraft Skills can be used in the Skill section. Talk to CI Brown & Sgt Ballinger for details of putting together and carrying out a section plan relating to Fieldcraft.