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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way


The twelve fundraising channels shown on this page are ways you can help to raise us money, that are easy or involve small changes to the things you already do.

Also listed are some more ways to fundraise that are coming soon, so watch this space…

1344Sqn like all ATC Squadrons is maintained by funds raised in various ways. These funds then go towards providing facilities, equipment and fun activities for our cadets as well as general running costs of the squadron. We are a non-profit-making organisation.

Money is raised for the squadron in the following ways:
  • Easy Fundraising & Easy Search
  • Squadron Gifts
  • Milk Bottle Tops (NEW for 2014)
  • 100 Club
  • Chocoholics
  • Scout Post
  • Bag Packing
  • Raffles
  • Sponsored Events
  • Family Activity Events (coming soon 2014)
  • Direct Donation
  • Tesco Vouchers
Scroll down the page to find out more about each of these activities.

We also run a £Cadet Credit Scheme for the benefit of the cadets who help us raise money.

Easy Fundraising and Easy Search

Click on the titles above to visit their pages andfind out more.

Easy Fundraising is a way of shopping online and raising money for us at the same time. It doesn't cost you anything as the donations come from the retailers themselves.

The amount raised with each transaction varies but thousands of online retailers are participating.

Easy Search is a search engine, powered by Yahoo that donates 0.5p to us as your chosen charity for every successful search made using it (i.e. one where you follow a link from their results). The more you use it, the more you'll raise for us. The money raised is added to the Easy Fundraising  total.

Tip - even if you know the website address, search for it anyway and follow the link.

100 Club

1344 has a 100 club, open to anyone aged 16+ who are members of 1344sqn, associates or associated families. Entry is £5 per entry per monthly draw, payable as a monthly standing order or one off payment of £60 for the year (1 draw per month).

The club requires a minimum number of 100 entries per draw in order to offer a full prize fund. Current membership = 39 entries

First Prize 1x £60

Second Prize 1x £10

Third Prize 1x £2.50


If membership increases to the full 100 the prize fund will go up to the full £250 amount = £150 1st, £100 2nd & £50 3rd.


You must be either be: an affiliated individual (e.g. a parent/family member of a sqn member, an ATC member or connected to our sqn - if unsure contact our OC for more details), a staff or CivCom member, or Cadet/person over 16)

Download the entry form here, complete it and return it together with payment to the address shown.

Chocolates for Chocoholics

Everyone loves chocolate and we are certainly no exception. Chocolates for Chocoholics are a catalogue company specialising in... you've guessed it (they also do some non-chocolate gifts as well).


Pick up a catalogue from our squadron at both Easter and Halloween/Christmas time (see dates below - parents get your cadet to do this or contact us to let us know you'd like to come and get one yourself). If you'd like one sent to you contact our Adj.

Choose your order and fill in the supplied order form(s). Payment Cash or Credit/Debit cards only (no cheques). Return the form to us. Forms are sent to our Rep once a week and goods will take 1-2 weeks to be received at Sqn, from where they can be picked up. Let us know if you want more forms.


2015 Easter Catalogue - TBC

Last Orders - TBC

2015 Winter Catalogue - TBC

Last orders for Halloween - TBC

Last orders for Christmas - TBC

PARENTS, make sure you come along to our presentation evenings where you'll have the chance to win some Chocoholics goodies in the raffle.

Benefits for our Squadron

Aside from our Squadron members, their families and associates getting some tasty treats or gift ideas, we get some of the commission form the sales, which goes into our general fund

We also receive gift points which are used to get get the reward items (displayed at the back of the catalogue). We use these raffle prizes during presentation evenings. We also use Chocoholics items for Scout Post top seller awards.

Chocoholics is NOT a £CCS activity.

Scout Post

£CCS activity

Every year we participate in the Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Scout Postscheme. We do this by selling scout stamps and hand delivering Christmas cards to parts of Cardiff.

We sell stamps in and deliver to Butetown & Cardiff Bay and Splott. 2213 Rumney Sqn cover Adamsdown.

Cadets, staff and their families can sell the stamps directly to their friends & families. We also have several outlets in our delivery area that sell on our behalf. A full list of selling rules are available upon request.

During December we gather in any sent cards then hand sort them into the 47 different delivery areas around Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan. We swap these at Scout Post HQ for cards for our delivery area from other areas. These are then sorted into delivery routes and delivered.


If you're a cadet, parent or family member, staff, civcom or ATC associate you can:

- Sell stamps (to friends & family or work colleagues)

- Help with the sorting & delivery.

Scout Post is quite labour intensive so the more help we can get to sort and deliver the easier it becomes. We need parents/families, cadets, staff and civ com to come in during early December to do this. Drivers may also be required.


Stamps retail at TBC each with TBC going directly to Squadron funds (the rest is purchase cost from the Scouts).

  • Stamps available - Mon ? Oct
  • Last posting date - Mon ? Dec
  • Sorting dates - ? to Fri ? Dec
  • Swap dates - ?  - Thu ? Dec
  • Delivery dates - Sat ? Dec - Sun ? Dec

Last return date
for sales money / unsold stamps ? December (last date for most sold competition eligibility - non returns will be charged for).

Benefits for our Squadron
Our sqn can raise quite a bit of money. Our cadets can also receive £CCS for every stamp they sell, as well as the chance to win some prizes for highest no. of stamps sold.

This scheme also helps us to benefit our local community and the CATVOG Scouts

Bag Packing

£CCS actvity

One of our principle ways of raising money for the Squadron. We take as many cadets as we can to one of our supporting supermarkets to spend a day packing shopping bags in exchange for a voluntary donation. Not only does this help benefit the squadron it helps the cadets to improve their confidence and social skills through public interaction

What's more each cadet who attends receives a portion of the total amount raised into their £CCS fund.


This is a cadet activity

It is important that we have as many cadets as possible participating in this activity as the more there are the more money we can raise, and therefore the more money we raise the higher the total contributed towards each attending cadet's £CCS fund. Check the Squadron Activity Calendar for available dates


We hold various raffles throughout the year.


Twice a year we hold a presentation evening for all the families of our cadets to attend and see their cadet receive any certificates and awards they have earned for that period of the year. These are usually held mid year summer time and towards the end of the year in November/December

A raffle is held at each one with all prizes available raffled off. Many of our prizes come from the gift points we receive from our Chocoholics sales (see the back of their catalogue for the things we can get hold of, usually including the big hamper!)


Whereby we sell 20p tickets to our cadets (and staff) and then make a draw every 50 sod. The money raised is then put aside for fun cadet activities, such as a party at sqn or trip somewhere. 2012 proved successful raising £110, part of which was spent on the Christmas party and the rest is waiting to go towards another event.

WANTED: Donations of prizes suitable for our raffles.

Prizes for the cadet raffle can be gender specific and do not have to be of any great value (£5-£10 at most) but must be suitable for our cadets e.g. DVDs, sweets, vouchers, toys, toiletries, cadet useful equipment. Like-new items in a good condition might be acceptable (foodstuffs & toiletries excluded). Speak to CI Brown or CC Ford or contact them via the adjutant if unsure.

Prizes for our main raffles have no specific limits. (Alcoholic and other age restrictive prizes will only be accepted for our main raffles and are not winnable by cadets under age).

Prizes can be forwarded to our squadron on parade nights or via our members.

Sponsored Events

Occasionally some of our adventurous members undertake a sponsored activity to raise money for us. Recently CivCom Treasurer Sue Ford, along with CivCom member Jill Sawford & CI Megan Sawford successfully completed a sponsored skydive, which raised us (and 2213 Rumney Sqn) in excess of £700.

Look out for more sponsored events in the coming year.

Direct Donations

We welcome any direct donations to our sqn funds, big or small.

Cheques made payable to: 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn ATC can be sent to: 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn ATC, Maindy Barracks, Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff, CF 14 3YE.

If you wish to make a donation in another form (including as equipment) please CONTACT US to discuss.

Tesco Vouchers

Not currently offered

This scheme is open to all schools and clubs as a way of getting new equipment

Whenever you shop there and spend the minimum required amount, ask to be issued the vouchers which you can forward to our sqn (via a member or by post)

When the scheme is finished and we count up the vouchers we've received, look through the catalogue and choose the items we’d like, send the order and vouchers off to Tesco and when the stuff comes back put it to use with the Cadets.


We ask you consider us first for the vouchers rather than the Cadet’s school as we have less numbers and therefore less possible sources for them. We do also, when we go bag-packing at Tesco, ask shoppers who do not want their vouchers to donate them to us.


We’ve been able to obtain around 4000 vouchers each year thanks to the kind generosity of Cadets, Staff, their families, friends, shoppers and more. A Big thank you each time to all.


Benefits for our Squadron

We get some new bits of equipment for use, depending on what we need. So far we’ve used the scheme to get several items of sporting equipment, some media technology, teaching aids and more.


Sainsbury’s Vouchers

While we do not use Sainsbury’s vouchers ourselves we donate any we do get to 1st Rhiwbina Beavers Group, which we have local connections to.

Family Activity Events

Coming soon for 2014 (watch this space)

Family Activity Events will be fundraising events where the families of our sqn members (and the sqn members themselves) can get together to socialise and take part in some fun activities, whether it's a quiz or race night, Sqn BBQ or whatever else we can come up with. Information of any upcoming events will be rolled out across our social media and through our sqn. Keep an eye out for them.

Family Flight Simulator Nights

Coming soon for 2014

More details nearer start


watch this space

Squadron Gifts

Squadron drawstring bags are £3 each. Pens are £1 each. More gifts coming soon.

Milk Bottle Tops

We are collecting the standard type milk bottle tops (pictured above) as we have a company that will purchase them from us to sterilise and re-use as this is a more cost-effective & environmentally friendly method compared to producing new ones each time.

Bring/Send us your used tops. All colours

The company purchases them by weight so the more we have the more we'll make.

Full details of this scheme coming soon.

Cadet Credit Scheme

The Cadet Credit Scheme (£CCS) was set up as a way of directly benefiting cadets who help our Squadron to raise funds.

The way it works is that for every Squadron fundraising activity to which £CCS is obtainable, a portion of the money raised is divided up between the cadets who've helped run that activity. It is placed in a special account against that cadet's name.

Each cadet can then use that money towards many of the Squadron/ATC run activities or events which requires a payment. These include things such as external trips, camp fees, Dining In and even cadet clothing purchases. (It cannot be used for minor things such as tuckshop, or for non-ATC related activities)

The benefit of the £CCS means that there are less direct costs to the cadet and their family, and it also gives each cadet an incentive to help us raise the money.

At the end of their service any money left in their credit account is absorbed back into Squadron's general funds.


To find out which activities generate £CCS, how much you've got and what it can be used for please speak to our Adjutant or Treasurer.