Google has recently implemented an algorithm called E-A-T. This is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. Now you might be thinking how is this new algorithm made by Google so important to your SEO, well wait and see. Wellington SEO services will help you understand how EAT is important for your SEO.

Expertise is very important for your website especially when you are selling products or a service. Extensive knowledge over those two things are very important to show that your website truly has the means and resources to carry out your actions. As your website shows extensive level of knowledge and expertise, then you can pass the first part of EAT and that would be one step on improving your SEO ranking.

The second part of EAT is the A of course. Now this stands for authoritativeness, and this is a checkpoint to see if you’re website has accurate, true and reliable information that could lead users to want to visit your website more. Clearly by now it shows that EAT is very important for your SEO, because if you don’t past these checkpoints then Google users won’t trust your website and would use an alternative that does pass Google’s EAT.

Last comes the T. This stands for trustworthiness, as sites must be honest and truthful in order to conduct practice that meets Google E-A-T. Without this it is very hard for the website to maintain its credibility and overall success when it comes to moving up in the SEO rankings. As Google conducts its audits, it is very important that your website must contain information and practices that are truthful and they must hold high credibility.

Overall it is very important to meet Google’s E-A-T, if this is not met, your website may face grave consequences when it comes to improving their SEO rank. Without it most users won’t want to visit your website. Welling SEO services provides extensive and detailed procedures that allows your website to be guaranteed on the first page.