1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way
Cydweithredu Ddyry Cychwyn

About Our Squadron

1344 has been a Cardiff squadron number since 1941 (see our history pages for more details). From our foundations we've grown in strength and ability to become one of the biggest and most active squadrons in the UK corps with up to 120 cadets & staff, and a diverse range of facilities and opportunities.


We regularly take part in over 200 activities a year that are both ATC Core and Squadron choices (see our activity calendarnews and photos). We offer many qualifications & awards that both our cadets and staff can achieve.


One of the things we excel at is marksmanship, with our cadets frequently topping the leader boards at many cadet and inter-service competitions, an achievement that happens because they are trained to this high standard by our dedicated staff members; who themselves were top shooting cadets for our Squadron and the ATC.


We also like competing in sports and have a fantastic band that has played many performances around the country.


Our Adventure Training team brings outdoor pursuits to our cadets (or rather our cadets to the outdoor pursuits), and our Fieldcraft experts train them up for extra survival skills and related competitions.


Add to that our charity & community work, public appearances, fundraising, big overseas trips, special excursions, training courses and lots more to create our crammed yearly timetable.


By the time our cadets finish their service with us they have signed themselves up for hundreds of opportunities and ended up with a list of experiences, qualifications and skills that fill their CVs several times over.

At the end of their service they don’t just go out into the world having been an Air Cadet - but a 1344 (Cardiff) Squadron Air Cadet. A real mark of pride.


There’s so much to know about 1344 that we've only put a fraction of it on this website (which we invite you to explore). The only way to find out the rest is to join us as a cadet or adult volunteer.

Here's more information about "what we do".


New Building

In the past few years our Squadron grew to over 100 cadets, meaning our original building (used since 1964) became too small for our needs. In 2011 we were granted a new building, which was purpose built on the adjacent car park. The new building was officially opened by the head of the ACO (Air Commodore McCafferty) on 23rd June 2013.
Above: New, Bigger Building

While it's made of modern materials and full of up-to-date facilities; such as wheelchair access, interactive classroom technology and inbuilt IT, its design was influenced by the original 1940s style cadet huts.

We have also been lucky enough to have a
Big Flight Simulator built for us by our volunteers.