Cydweithredu Ddyry Cychwyn
Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way


Projects are one of the ways our cadets are occupied on a parade night. They are designed to allow the cadets to try something new, learn additional skills and do something different and fun.


What projects run depend on available instructors/CNCOs with the necessary skills, equipment and interest of the cadets. New projects can be suggested and if it’s possible to run and has enough interest (and someone to run it) we may add it to our list of possibilities.


Some projects are run over a series of nights while others are one off events.


This includes:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Film Making
  • Flight Sim Development
  • Model Making
  • Newsletter & Media
  • Photography
  • Radio Communication
  • Robotics
  • ‘Rock’ Band

Suggestions for more projects are always welcome.