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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way

The History of 1344

1344 has a history almost as long as that of the ATC itself, starting with ATC coming to Wales. Our history begins when 1344 (2nd Cardiff) was formed  during WW2 (and even had its own social club known as ).

This was followed by the barren years where even then the 1344 number was not being forgotten. Eventually it was reassigned to the Detached Flight of 30F in 1950.

From then on the Sqn has grown and changed but continued to be one of the biggest and best sqn's in the ATC. Click on the links to read about each period of history.

Most of our historical records have been compiled by CI Graham Tatnell. 

Please note the history pages are currently under construction while we do additional research.

Project Archive

Project Archive is an ongoing project which aims to digitise all available sqn records and put them online. There are lots of photos, slides and other documents stored at our sqn so it won't be a quick task.

We'd like our cadets to get involved with this mammoth task, not only to help with the digitisation but as a way of them learning about the history of the sqn they've chosen to join. A brief glance through the records shows that the sqn was just as active then as it is now, even without some of the modern facilities we have today. 

Unfortunately many records are missing or presumed destroyed. Most of these were in the possession of 30F Sqn, especially those relating to the early years of 30FDF & 1344 (Cardiff). Project Archive will do it's best to find out this missing information.

Watch this space. 

1344 Timeline

This timeline is obviously incomplete and may contain some errors.
YMCA on Station Terrace opened
April 01 - Formation of the RAF
Formation of the Air Defence Cadet Corps
Formation of 30F (Cardiff) Sqn
Jun - RAF Pengam Moors* (aka. RAF Cardiff) beings operation
RAF Caerau begins operation
- UK Government realises the true value of the work done by the ADCC and agreed to take over its control.
Feb 05 - ADCC becomes the ATC
30Sqn becomes 30F
Aug 26 - First parade of 1344 (2nd) Cardiff Sqn ATC. CO:  Flt Lt A.E Gibbon
Founding of 175Sqn, 1967Sqn & 1870 Sqn
circa. YMCA becomes Sqn's clothing store and Cardiff Cadets social club "The Aerie"
1344 (2nd Cardiff) has around 370 enrolled cadets
 circa. - Formation of Cardiff Wing
1344 CO:  Flt Lt A.E Gibbon
Record of Annual Camp at RAF St Athan for Cardiff Cadets
Jun - RAF Caerau ceases operation
Dec 05 - Disbanding of 1344 (2nd Cardiff) Sqn ATC
Disbanding of Cardiff Wing + 175Sqn, 1967Sqn & 1870Sqn
circa. - The Fours Club set up in Cardiff
Jan - RAF Pengam Moors ceases operation as a military establishment and becomes a civillian airfield.
RAF Caerau renamed RAF Llandaff and brought back into operation.
circa. 30F (Cardiff) Sqn move to RAF Llandaff
Accommodation offered to 30F at Pengam Moors Airfield which was suggested to be used for a Detached Flight
1st Dining In by the Fours Club, from which all subsiquent 1344 Dining Ins are numbered.
30FDF set up at Pengam Moors Airfield
Annual 1344 (2nd Cardiff) reunion dinners organised
circa. - The Fours Club ceases to exist
circa. - 30FDF granted Squadron status
Oct 28 - 30FDF officially opened as 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn. CO:  Flt Lt C.Turner MBE
- Formation of 2213Sqn
[Many records between the 1950s & 1980s are missing or were destroyed sometime in the 70s/80s.]
ATC divided into Regions and Wings where 1344 becomes part of Wales & West Region & No.1 Welsh Wing
10th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
circa. - 1344Sqn moves from Pengam to somewhere else (being researched)
10th Annual Sqn Dining In
50th Anniversary of the Formation of the RAF
Annual Reunion Dinners of 1344 (2nd Cardiff) end
1344 CO: Flt Lt J. Boanas
20th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
Feb 05 - 21st anniversary of the formation of the ATC. On ATC Sunday
in that year (4th Feb) His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Air
Commodore-in-Chief ATC, presented the Corps with its own Banner
- 1344Sqn moves to Maindy Barracks into the building that lasted until 2013
1344 CO: Flt Lt A. Bottle
- 1344 CO: Flt Lt T.F. Jones
1344 CO: Flt Lt A.J. Church
Feb 05 - 30th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
May 03 - Death of "Father of the Air Cadet Movement" Air Commodore JA Chamier (age 91)
 1344 gains the AMT-18 Link Trainer from North Holt. It is placed in what was known as Room 7 (latter half of the hall)
1344 CO: Flt Lt A.L. Kelly
30th Annual Sqn Dining In
1344 CO: Flt Lt D. Embrey
RAF Llandaff ceases operation. Site will go onto be developed into housing estate while 30F (Cardiff) Sqn will remain at location.
- Decision to allow girls to join the ATC, trialled for 2 years at a few squadrons.
Feb 05 - 40th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
- ATC - First female Sqn OC Flt Lt. Janet Page appointed at 2500 (St Neots) Sqn
1344 CO: Flt Lt J.C.Nute
- The ATC establishes 5 Overseas Squadrons
1344 CO: Flt Lt Steve Williams MBE (date MBE gained being researched)
40th Annual Sqn Dining In
- 1344 has a Big Flight Sim (retconned as the Mk1), which consists of a large CRT monitor, real aircraft instruments and an ejector seat for the pilot to sit in (actual dates of installation and removal unknown)
Feb 05 - 50th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
1344Sqn gains a Cdt P. Fisher
Steven J Abbott Joins 2213 (City of Llandaff) Sqn as a CI
50th Annual Sqn Dining In
Fg Off S.J. Abbott promoted to Flt Lt & given command of 2213 City of Llandaff Sqn
Oct 28 - 50th Anniversary of the official opening of 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn
Feb 05 - 60th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC
Flt Lt S.J. Abbott moves to 1344 and becomes CO
circa. - Possible date the two Link Trainers were moved into the room they remained in until the building was closed. Time capsule apparently placed under the AMT-18
Jul 8th - Funeral of Flt Lt W.A.H. (Bill) Townsend, a former officer of 1344
Aug 18th - Funeral of Wg Cmdr & 1344Sqn CO (1976-1978) Tony Kelly. 6 Sqn Staff & 13 cadets attend the service at Cyncoed Methodist Church.
60th Annual Sqn Dining In
Flt Lt Steve Abbott promoted to Sqn Ldr
We line the route for the Royal Opening of the Senedd in Cardiff Bay
Plt Off P. Fisher heads a team that builds the sqn's new Big Flight Sim (Mk2 in retcon numeration)
Jan 8th - Funeral of Sqn Ldr Joe Williams, a former 1344Sqn officer as well as an OC of 1148Sqn.
Mar - Big Flight Sim Launched
May 27th-29th- Big Flight Sim realtime flight around the world successfully completed in 47hrs
Oct-Dec - The Sqn takes on Scout Post sorting and delivery for the Butetown & Cardiff Bay area. The first sort is done in the CO's livingroom
Nov 5th - CI Tatnell was presented with an award for Long & Meritorious Service by Air Chief Marshall Sir Peter Squire at the Rotal Air Force College Cranwell.
Jan - Sqn Ldr S. Abbott awarded MBE
Aug - The Sqn takes its first Big Overseas Adventure to Morocco, starting an annual tradition
- The Sqn's old and sagging portacabin is demolished and replaced with a nice new, two room one
Apr 26 - 1344DF Rumney holds its first parade night
Jul 19 - 1344DF formally opened by Lord Mayor of Cardiff
Aug - The Big Overseas Adventure is to the Aosta Valley, Italy
Oct 03 - Flt Lt Robert 'Uncle Bob' Walsh dies following a long battle with pancratic cancer. .His funeral, held a few days later in St Margaret's Church, Roath was packed out standing room only by family, friends and colleagues from both inside and outside the ATC.
Oct 28 - 60th Anniversary of the official opening of 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn
- The garage beside the sqn, built sometime in the 80s is demolished. The area becomes a general use area for things like fieldcooking. We gain a blue ISO container instead, beside our portacabin.
Work begins on upgrading the Big Flight Sim to the Mk3 version
- No.1 Welsh Wing is divided into sectors. 1344 and 1344DF become part of Southern Sector along with 30F, 2213 (City of LLandaff), 372 Barry & 1148 Penarth.
Feb 05 - 70th Anniversary of the Formation of the ATC. 1344 take part in an anniversary parade at RAF St Athan with the rest of No.1 Welsh Wing.
Feb - We temporarily become the largest sqn in the UK (this includes our DF)
Jun -  We line the route again for the Royal Opening of the Senedd in Cardiff Bay
Jun - Plaque for the 'Bob Walsh Radio Room' unveiled by bob's wife Elaine
Aug 26 - 70th Anniversary of the Founding of 1344 (2nd Cardiff) Sqn
Oct - Dec - We take on Adamsdown Scout Post area to help fund our DF
Oct - 65th Annual Sqn Dining In
Dec - Big Overseas Adventure: Winter sports in the Pyrennees
- 30F move to Llandaff TA Centre. They are merged with 2213 (City of Llandaff) Sqn to become 30F (City of Llandaff) and the 2213 number is decomissioned
1344DF granted Sqn Status and become 2213 (Rumney) Sqn (we lose our Biggest Sqn Status)
Jun - Sqn Ldr S. Abbott steps down and hands over CO to Flt Lt Peter Fisher
Aug - Big Overseas Adventure: Spain
Oct - Work starts on new building, sited on the barracks ajacent car park
Oct - Dec - We take on Splott in Scout Post, bringing our total no. areas up to three. We still manage to deliver around 95% of the cards by sundown on the main delivery day.
Nov - 66th Annual Sqn Dining In
May - Last flight of the Big Flight Sim Mk3 ends with power unit failure on computer. Sim is deconstructed shortly after
May - D4 & AMT-18 Link Trainers go to their new homes, the D4 to an aviation club in Serum and the AMT-18 to Boxcliffe. Both will be restored to full working order
Jun 08 - New Building officially opened
Jun 24 - Old building emptied. Lots of Link parts and other interesting stuff found in the attic space
Jul 29 - Demolition work begins on the old building
Jul 30 - Building of the new Big Flight Sim (Mk4) begins
Aug 02 - Old building completely removed. Space ready to be turned into a carpark. Timecapsule under Link Trainer room not found
Oct 01 - Carpark where old building was is finished and includes a bike rack
Oct - Dec - 2213 Rumney Sqn take Adamsdown Scout Post, leaving us only the other two to sort and deliver.
Nov 16 - 67th Annual Sqn Dining In
Nov 22 - Winter Presentation Eve - The Simrod unveiled
Dec 20 - First ever Final Parade Night of the Year in the new building. Fantastic turn out, music, games and tornaments
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Jun - Big Flight Sim is officially opened to the cadets
Aug - Big Overseas Adventure to Ardres in France
Sep - Big Flight Sim put into regular teaching operation
Nov - 68th Annual Dining In

Nov - 69th Annual Dining In
Oct - 70th Annual Dining In - Held at the Principality Stadium (nee Millenium Stadium), Cardiff
 Jan - Sqn moves Friday parade nights to Thursdays