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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way

The Aerie - Social club of the Cadets

 "The Aerie” was a social club for the cadets, used by all the Squadrons in the Cardiff. It was based at the Central YCMA in Station Terrace, opposite Queen St Railway Station. The building was an imposing red brick structure, opened in 1910, and now sadly demolished to make way for The Capitol Exchange Shopping Centre in Queen Street. Plaques on the floor of the Restaurant in the Exchange commemorate the sites of both the Central Y.M.C.A. and The Cory Hall which stood next door to it [1]

Here they could meet and buy tea and buns and play snooker. Remember there was no television in those days and the cinema was expensive. It was supervised by Officers of the Cardiff Squadrons, but had a Committee of Cadets to organise it. One of the Officers was Major Lloyd who had won the Military Cross and the Croix de Guerre in the First World War.

A uniformed Cadet was always in attendance to keep order.

Occasionally one of the Officers would show films there charging sixpence admission. On one occasion, when there were not enough Cadets in the audience, one of the Officers, who ran a furniture removing business in the city, collected Cadets from around Cardiff" to boost the takings.

Other Cadets formed a band to play at dances. They were led by Stan Norfolk, a cadet from Bristol who had moved to Cardiff. Mr. H.A.Davies played the piano for them. Stan Norfolk played the accordion. Cliff Green was also in the band. They played at dances held at the Central Y.M.C.A. at Metropole Buildings and at "Spooks Hall" which was theSpiritualist Church in Museum Place.


[1] Research as to whether the plaques are still there since the refurbishment has yet to be done.