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Teamwork Leads the Way

1344 (Cardiff) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Teamwork Leads the Way

What We Do

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1344 Sqn's Extended Programme

In addition to taking part in the core activities, every squadron offers its cadets various additional ones that cover a wide range of new experiences, learning and volunteering opportunities and fun. 

1344 is no exception to this offering out such additional activities as:

  • Projects - where cadets can try their hand at creating and developing something
  • Charity & Community Work - we fundraise for/offer assistance to charities and local groups.
  • Squadron Fundraising - helps us to pay for the above and limit the drain on our parent's pockets.
  • Public Performances - from our band or drill team or our  cadets on parade.
  • Public Event Recruiting - to help promote the ATC and get us new members
  • Day Trips, Excursions and Overnight Stays - to places like Airshows, museums, military bases & ships, theme parks and other fun places
  • Big Overseas Adventures - Annual fun filled week of multi-activities in sunny places (or snowy in the case of our winter trip)
  • Random Fun  - not just around Christmas and Halloween but occasionally we organise something fun for our cadets to do at squadron, from cake sales to 'Dragon's Den'

1344 Squadron's Busy Life

There are lots of activities offered by the ATC and we take part in them all. They cover a range of key developmental learning to help a cadet gain new skills, grow in confidence, improve physical fitness and with some earn qualifications. They also tend to be a lot of fun as well.
On top of all that 1344sqn offers an extended programme unique to our Squadron. We build this around specific aspects of our Squadron, which includes our facilities, the interests of our cadets, the skills & qualifications of of our volunteer staff, the local community and opportunities & facilities in Cardiff, as well as further afield. These too cover many of the same developmental attributes as the ATC core activities.
We encourage our cadets to take part in and try everything, as the more they do with us, the more they'll get out of being a cadet and the more they'll be able to add to their CV.

ATC Core Activities

These activities are offered to all of our cadets across the whole of the ATC. Where and when they take place will vary depending on each Squadron's Activity Calendar. Many of them also have competitions at Wing, Region & Corps level or extra-ATC.

Other activities:
(pages coming soon...)

  • Aircraft Model Making
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • BTEC
  • Camps
  • DofE
  • First Aid
  • Radio Communications